This may just be some can’t miss TV! Rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube will be the first guest on Real Time with Bill Maher following the HBO host’s controversial use of a racial slur last week.

Cube was slated to appear on the comedian’s show to promote the release of his Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary Edition album. The original record was recorded following the 1991 police beating of Rodney King, and addressed race issues facing the nation at that time. In a statement provided to the L.A. Times, a representative for Ice Cube says that the rapper’s appearance on the show and the change in topic serve as a reminder that society still faces many of those very same issues.

Unlike Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who canceled his appearance in wake of the controversy, Ice Cube has vowed to not only appear, but also discuss race and racism in America with Maher. Maher, who many have come out to say is not a racist, used the “N-word” in an ill-advised joke during a conversation on his show with Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska. Maher issued several public apologies after the episode aired.

Cube is slated to appear on the June 9 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO.