World-renowned tennis champion and soon-to-be first-time mother Serena Williams has partnered with the Allstate Foundation for its Purple Purse Campaign, which raises awareness about financial abuse as a form of domestic violence.

According to a press release from the foundation, nearly 99 percent of all domestic violence cases involve some form of financial abuse, including restriction of access to funds and harassment in the workplace to incite loss of job. In the short film, “Lost Purse” unsuspecting Lyft passengers are put in a situation where they find a woman’s purse and phone, filled with threatening messages from her abuser. The passengers are left in a “What Would You Do?” situation, to see if they’ll help the woman who is clearly distraught once reunited with her belongings.

This is the Allstate Foundation’s 12th year organizing this campaign. “Standing up for women’s rights has long been a passion of mine,” says Williams in the foundation’s press statement. “I am honored to join Allstate Foundation Purple Purse to bring financial abuse and domestic violence out of the shadows and into the public conversation.”