Unfortunately, 50 Cent still has a long way to go to being on good terms with his adult son, Marquise Jackson. The estranged relationship always finds its way onto digital forums, with Fif coming in to shut the chatter down. This time is no different.

Yesterday (June 23), the rapper and mogul responded to a commenter’s critique on his parenting decisions underneath a picture of himself and Djimon Hounsou. “Can you imagine having a kid that has been poisoned by his mothers [sic] entitlement?” he said of his 19-year-old son. “That has no respect for you, when you have offered him everything he has. He would rather be a friend to my enemies then [sic] me.”

Although he called out Marquis’ lack of loyalty, he still wants the best for his son, just separately from his life. “I wish him well, he was my heart. I don’t have one anymore, I pray he as a man can see the mistakes that were [made].”