Skinny Fabulous on a mic, ON a big stage usually means one thing and one thing only – BACHANNAL!
However, this was not the case last Tuesday afternoon. Skinny found himself in Victoria Park on a stage where he had battled many times throughout the development of his career, having a ‘conversation’ (his words) with graduates of the #svgcc, poised at the starting block of their own personal journeys, eager to dive into life.

His conversation was based on the relativity of success. He encouraged the graduates to persue their own versions of success. Using personal excerpts, he explained how very different one person’s success can be from another and how difficult it can be to achieve, regardless of what form it presents itself.
He encouraged them to be fearless and to use failures and limitations as leverage to launch themselves even further. He ended with hearty congratulations to them, for making it that far.

According to Skinny, it was an honor to be able to impart a bit of his knowledge and experience on the graduates, especially at such an important and impressionable stage in their lives.