The battle between the greatest basketball player that ever lived and a Chinese brand making crappy copies of his sneakers is back on. Qiaodan Sportswear Co. in China recently filed a lawsuit against Michael Jordan and Fangda Partners, the law firm that represents him in China, accusing him of blocking the company’s ability to do business, International Law News reports.

The suit alleges that Jordan has tried to stop organizers behind China’s 13th National Games from working with Qiaodan by misleading them about a Supreme Court decision in his favor. The retired NBA legend scored a rare win against Qiaodan Sportswear in December 2016 when China’s highest court ruled that he owned the rights to his name there. Qiaodan says Jordan has brought 78 cases against it over the years and won just three, but that it’s misleading others to believe that all of its trademarks were revoked after December’s ruling.

International Law News reports that Qiaodan is seeking roughly $160,000 in damages and fees. It’s also asking for a public apology and a retraction of a letter sent to the National Games organizers by Jordan’s law firm.

Qiaodan has ripped off Air Jordan designs countless times, and even makes wannabe Reebok, New Balance, and Nike sneakers as well.