A photographer named David Flores filed a lawsuit against James Harden on Friday, accusing the NBA star of breaking his finger during an alleged altercation outside of a Los Angeles nightclub last year.

The paparazzo is suing for lost earnings and seeking punitive damages for negligence, assault, battery and emotional distress.

Flores claims in his lawsuit that he was trying to interview Harden outside of a Hollywood lounge at around 2 a.m. in May 2016 when the Houston Rockets player “angrily smacked on the hand while he was holding a camera,” resulting in a broken finger. The plaintiff goes on state that his injury resulted in both physical and mental anguish, and prevented him from working for several weeks. Flores further contends he may be permanently disabled.

Harden’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, dismissed the plaintiff’s lawsuit in an interview Sunday, insisting his client was being targeted because he’s rich and famous. “When I see someone claim extreme mental anguish and permanent disability from a broken finger, it’s hard to take it seriously,” the lawyer said.

The legal filing comes just two months after Moses Malone Jr., the son of NBA legend Moses Malone, filed a lawsuit accusing Harden of paying a group of armed men to assault him. The alleged incident occurred in June 2016 when Malone Jr. was reportedly attacked outside of a Houston strip club. He later claimed Harden orchestrated the alleged beating in retaliation for a Facebook post in which Malone Jr. criticized Harden’s youth basketball camps for charging $249.