Tyga’s lengthy relationship with Kylie Jenner may have ended, however, his time with the Kardashian clan ultimately helped him look at his music in a different light.

In a recent interview, the B**ch I’m The Sh*t 2 musician said that being under constant media watch thanks to the tabloid fixtures did not help him personally. However, he did begin to reevaluate his music thanks to the Kardashians’ large female fan-base.

“Being around that family really I wouldn’t say helped my brand, you know what I’m saying—business-wise or nothing like that—but I think it definitely put me in the light of more women being seen that their fan base is more female-driven,” the rapper said in a recent interview.

“…It kinda, like, made me reevaluate my music and kinda like how I move and carry myself I think because I know more women are watching what I’m doing.”

In the future, Tyga says he’s hoping to tap into deeper realms of the male perspective, as well as create more “female-driven music.” Check out the full interview below.