Boosie Badazz caused some people to raise an eyebrow at the Louisiana rapper.

An Instagram post celebrating his son’s 14th birthday included Boosie writing to Tootie Raw, “See u tomorrow got a bag for you n a bad b-tch to give u some head.”
The message led to social media users accusing the Baton Rouge native of promoting child molestation and sexualizing a teenager.

Boosie responded to the backlash in a video posted on TMZ.
“I was just clowning on Instagram. I ain’t gonna go get him no head. I ain’t gonna bring nobody to give him no head,” said the “Like A Man” performer. “But if he wanna get some head from a girl, he’s 14 years old, I’m cool with it.”
He added, “Bleeping is popular at 14, 15 years old. That’s when they be in heat… From what I know, he done got head before.”

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