Martin Lawrence has openly stated that he thinks the third entry in the Bad Boys franchise is now officially dead.

The intended co-star of Bad Boys 3 – also known as Bad Boys for Life — shared his views on the likelihood of the sequel ever seeing the light of a cinema, and they certainly weren’t positive.

With Will Smith initially due to reprise his partnership with Lawrence as Detectives Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett, plans for the threequel had started well but soon developed problems.

I don’t think we’re going to get one, not the way everything’s turning out,” Lawrence said. “Will is off doing another movie, and I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m there, I’m ready right now. If they wanted to do it, I’m ready, but I don’t have control of that. That’s the studio’s decision.”
Will Smith, who has been on board for the project for some time said he’d spoken to Martin Lawrence about signing on last year.
“I saw Martin a few weeks ago,” Smith told BBC 1 in February 2016. “I haven’t seen him for about two years. We just looked at each other. We hugged. In that moment, we knew we were making another ‘Bad Boys.’ We’re definitely doing another one.”

The film was set for a November 8, 2018 release with a likely fall 2017 production start date, but was moved entirely off Sony’s schedule earlier in August. It was going by the title Bad Boys for Life, which is a reference to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s characters’ famous motto, “We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life.” The original Bad Boys was released in 1995 and it grossed a relatively tame $65 million, but by the time Smith and Bay returned with Bad Boys II in 2003, they both were big enough names for a $46.5 million domestic opening and a worldwide gross of $273 million.

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