After months of hype, press conferences, and disses thrown back and forth, it’s finally time for Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to put down the microphones and pick up the gloves. With the long awaited boxing super fight set for tonight, the two fighters took care of one last formality on Friday with the official weigh in. Officials and fans gathered in Las Vegas to watch the two fighters confirm that they are both under the 154 lb. weight limit of the super welterweight class, with Mayweather weighing in at 149.5 lbs. while McGregor barely made it at 153 lbs.

The festivities began with McGregor being welcomed with a mixture of cheers and boos while walking in to Hypnotize by the Notorious B.I.G. That was followed up my Mayweather and crew marching in with Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” playing over the packed arena’s loudspeakers. After both fighter’s weights were confirmed, they got one last stare in at each other. McGregor was then given one last chance to get a few words out.

[Mayweather] looks like dogshit. He looks blown out and full of water. He’s not gonna keep my pace, trust me on that. That’s the worst shape I’ve ever seen him. I’m gonna breeze through him.

Lets see if he eats those words!!!