The Game is being slapped with a lawsuit after he allegedly failed to pay for food he ordered from a burger joint. Big D’s Burgers alleges that the rapper skipped out of paying $8,500 worth of food, which they catered for a Fourth of July party.

The lawsuit alleges Game hired Big D’s to cater events he was hosting on two different occasions, according to TMZ. For the event in question, the Fourth party, Game reportedly ordered food for only 250 guests, but upon the restaurant’s arrival, there was allegedly 450 people at the party. As a result of the influx in partygoers, the company was forced to grab more food.

As if rushing to feed additional guests wasn’t bad enough, a rep for the company claims Game requested that employees also make an alcohol and cleaning supplies run, which was not in the original deal. But when the party had finally died down and it came time to pay the bill, The Game allegedly promised that he would wire the money the next day. To the company’s surprise however, the money never came.

Despite the receipts the company allegedly has, Game says all of the allegations are false. Wack 100, Game’s manager, reportedly told TMZ that the rapper and burger company never filed a legitimate contract, so Game thought the company was catering the party for free. Nice try, Game. Looks like these two parties will see each other in court.

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