British GQ Magazine recently declared Harry Styles the person behind the “multiple rings” trend and Jamaicans everywhere are pissed to bl**dclaat!

“Thanks to [Harry Styles], wearing multiple rings is a now a thing,” the publication tweeted on Saturday.

Jamaicans and Dancehall/Reggae fans alike are in strong disagreement with the magazine as they all recall that it was veteran recording artist Shabba Ranks who started the trend back in the 1980’s.

“He’s [Shabba Ranks] a true icon. There are quite a few cultural developments that can be linked to shabba. Even baggy jeans and now even that is back in style lol.”

“Bwoy farin people love tief we style and own it #appropriation.”

“@britishgq you guys are disrespectful . How could you give Harry that type of accolade ?”

“Thief…… it began in the motherland and we Jamaicans borrow it🇯🇲.”

“A swear white ppl think they come up with everything 😒😒 when it comes on to style, we invented it!!.”

“I swear white ppl think they started everything. What the f*ck is a Harry Styles? Smh.”