Selah Marley is following in her mother Lauryn Hill’s footsteps by launching a music career.

The model, the daughter of the former Fugees singer and Bob Marley’s son Rohan, has released debut single “Breathe,” and in an interview with W magazine to mark its launch, she revealed that she had always wanted to be a singer but was worried she couldn’t match up to her family’s legacy.

“I was very aware of the pressure of my mom, and not just my mom, but my entire family,” Selah said. “I was very aware of that reality, so it was almost this inferiority complex. I was scared of (music) because I never thought it matched up.

“Sometimes I think about, ‘What if I’m not the person everyone idealises me to be? Maybe I’m just a regular ol’ Joe. What if I can’t live up to all these expectations? Maybe I’m just not who they think I am or who they want me to be.'”

She is still working through those fears and has thanked her collaborators, producer Kyle Provencio Reingold (KPR) and rapper IDKHIM, real name Chuma Osse, for pushing her to pursue her talent and make their work public.

Speaking of her mother’s influence, Selah added, “My mom has been a guiding light… In the sense of creativity, she always told me not to rush. She always told me to take my time.

“She actually texted me the other day about that! She said, ‘Selah, you are enough! You don’t have to be some guru or number-one Grammy (winner), you are enough as you are.’ That meant a lot to me. With my mom, there is (duality), because on one side you’re my mom, and on the other, ‘You’re Lauryn Hill’… It’s cool because at the end of the day I have someone who understands.”