On Sept. 6, Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown turned 39. The hip-hop luminary, aka Ill Na Na, forged her legacy in the game as someone who stood out for her staunch delivery and raw cadence. At 17, her stage presence garnered her a deal with Def Jam.

Fellow New York MC and Trinidadian representer, Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to pay homage to the artist whose superiority is the only one she measures.

“I may have never even started rapping if it wasn’t for her,” she captioned below. “KING FOX. Her flow & delivery is still unmatched. You can’t listen to me w/o hearing her influence. She’s still the only thing I compete w/when it comes to precision of flow, delivery & execution. Trini QUEEN 🇹🇹 Happy Birthday my love @foxybrown.”

Congratulations on another rotation around the sun, Foxy.