As part of an initiative to drive commerce within the local fashion industry the second installment of Fashion Night Out will take place on Thursday September 14th at the Youlou Art Centre in Villa.

The collective of designers at the Kimya Glasgow Boutique first held the event last year as part of a series of late night shopping events.

Taking the cue from the global Fashion’s Night Out movement, which was developed by Vogue Magazine as a way to stimulate sales during the recession, the event has seen FNO activities taking place across Europe, Asia and in the US. A few have popped up in the Caribbean with one being held in Jamaica and St. Vincent is now in its second year.

The event will feature displays from over 15 designers including three Trinidadian designer brands that are currently sold in the Kimya Glasgow Boutique located at the Kingstown Cruise Ship Terminal. Designers include the store’s designers including Kimya Glasgow, Fashion Is Payne, Ailocious, Peta Odini, Wadada784 as well as guest designers including Soka, Been Blocked, Kimon Baptiste, Olive Art Designs and Renaissance Creations just to name a few.

Storeowner, Kimya Glasgow said she was very pleased with the turn out last year and added that it is important for persons to know that our designers are creating products of top quality and are very much open for business. FNO SVG is aiming to be one of many platforms where the general public can interact with multiple designers in one space for networking and of course shopping.

“It is important for fashion to be seen as more than just entertainment. In the past the focus has always been on fashion shows where people will see the clothes and go home, but now the aim is for persons to see the clothes and then purchase” said one of the organizers Odini Sutherland, designer at Peta Odini.

It is the hope that through these events we can change the perception of the design industry and hopefully in the future be able to work with private and government stakeholders to create even more initiatives of this nature to further propel the idea of buying local.

In the future the aim is to develop a roaming Vincentian Designer Pop Up Shop that would be able to provide retail opportunities for Vincentian designers in other islands.