Lawyers for Swizz Beatz are hitting back at another lawsuit claiming the hip-hop mogul was involved in shady deals involving luxury cars.

A $16 million dollar lawsuit in a New Jersey Supreme Court against Swizz Beatz last Friday, claiming the producer sold luxury cars at grossly over-inflated prices.
According to the new lawsuit, Swizz’ company would lease the cars, and the rapper would drive them before flipping them for exorbitant amounts, according to the lawsuit.

A $42 million lawsuit with similar allegations was filed by a company called Metro Gem Leasing, who claimed Swizz leased used cars on behalf of a Great Neck, Long Island car dealer.
In that lawsuit, Metro Gem claimed Swizz leased 10 cars and then re-leased or sold the vehicles for a hefty markup, including a Ferrari F12.
But, Swizz came out on top in the case, when the lawsuit was dismissed because Metro Gem could not offer any credible evidence that the producer, or his company AK Worldwide, did anything fraudulent, or illegal.

Swizz’ lawyer told the New York Post that the latest lawsuit is another attempt to extort his famous client after the producer was vindicated in the previous lawsuit.
The lawsuit is “nothing more than a desperate attempt to shake down a public figure,” Swizz Beatz’ lawyer Matthew West told The New York Post.

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