Rihanna brought the entire world to a complete stop when she dropped her highly-anticipated Fenty Beauty cosmetic line. Fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new collection, which featured 40 shades of foundation for every complexion. But the Rihanna Navy wasn’t the only ones who took notice of the makeup launch. And in response to Riri’s all-inclusive brand, a number of makeup companies quickly updated fans on their selection of products online.

Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brand was one of the first to heavily advertise its models of color, particularly those like Justine Skye, who have a darker complexion. The ad was taken off of the brand’s official Twitter page after a number of critics called the youngest Jenner out for the clear stunt.

Additionally, Marc Jacobs conveniently posted a medley of models of color as well as compatible makeup on its Instagram. And Estee Lauder joined in, sharing an image on Instagram of the arms of three different women with swatches of the brand’s selection of foundations.

While brands continue to scramble to let the world know they have products for darker skinned women as well, Rihanna has reportedly sold out of the dark shades of foundation. So it’s safe to say the bad gal got the W yet again.