This weekend, once again, America confirmed its fascination with f*cked up clowns, as the film adaptation of It was expected to wrap up it’s second week in theaters with $60 million in box office receipts. If those projections do indeed hold up, then It’s domestic gross will be $218.7 million, which not only represents a substantial success compared to their reported $35 million budget, but also made the Stephen King adaptation the highest grossing September release…ever (though, please don’t adjust for inflation, come on now).

It made the leap to No. 1 following a strong Friday ($19.4 million), a strong Saturday ($26.2 million), and what is projected to be a strong Sunday ($14.5 million). Even if it flops on Sunday, it already passed the total that was racked up by the previous record holder for September movies, Crocodile Dundee, which earned a whopping $174.8 million back in 1986.

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