While nearly everyone has offered their opinions on Hart’s dilemma, funny man Mike Epps has stepped in to give serious advice on how he could overcome the madness.

Epps initially empathized with Hart and the challenges that come with being an entertainer in the limelight. “It’s definitely hard for any entertainer. You know, especially if you’re a male figure and you’re out here in the spotlight,” he said. “I think we all do get targeted…We do have a target on our backs. That mixed with us just being ourself, sometimes it gets us in trouble, man.” The ‘target’ that the Friday actor was referring to, is the same one Hart addressed in his apology video on Instagram earlier this week.

Although Epps understood the position Hart is in at the moment, he offered some life lessons that could be used moving forward. “All I can say is, You ain’t perfect and you ain’t Jesus so, you know. Jesus died for our sins so hey man, you got a right to mess up sometimes,” he continued. “Just keep your head up, Kev… Keep your wee wee in your pants, man.”ce.