Erykah Badu is a treasure that must be protected at all costs. Seven, Puma and Mars’ mama has proven she is both insightful and hilarious. Whether she’s blessing you with gems from her music or simply being her fun-loving self, the love for fatbellybella runs deep.

Monday morning (Sept. 25) after a weekend of unrest brought on by the president’s comments about athletes who peacefully protest police brutality, Badu gave the world a hilarious freestyle in which she speaks honestly about the great lengths she’ll go to for the peen.

“Give up my window seat for the d**K
F**k it, I’ll even eat meat for the d**k
Fighting hurricane Maria for the d**k
Riding a missile from Korea for the d*ck”

Never one to not share the spotlight, comic Michael Blackson also jumped in and expressed his love for vagina. The entire video is a minute long and will not cure the world’s problems, but it will make you laugh. So, thank you Erykah, this was right on time.

#forthepussychallenge #forthedickchallenge #Blackson vs #Badu @erykahbadu

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