Rihanna is teaming up with Fat Joe and TIDAL to send supplies to Puerto Rico.

TIDAL is one major company that has gotten involved in the crisis and is teaming up with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort to send needed supplies to the citizens of the island and everyone in Puerto Rico is affected. “As the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico grows, our brothers and sisters are desperate for our help,” the company said in a statement. “Please join Governor Cuomo and TIDAL as we collect and transport much-needed supplies to the island. The goal is to fill and send as many cargo planes as possible.”

Rihanna has reportedly donated a large sum of money to the cause and is encouraging her fans on social media to donate whatever they can. “If you have even the smallest donation, you can help save lives!” she tweeted. Fat Joe also donated and added his voice on social media to bring more attention to the crisis.