As confusing as the DC Extended Universe can be, you can’t front on how important their upcoming film Justice League truly is. Sure, their plans for their Cinematic Universe are for it to not be as heavy-handed as they assume other interconnected universes are, but aside from the monster success that is Wonder Woman, the DC films have been critical duds. With Justice League set to be released on November 17, DC decided to give fans the latest glimpse of their team during this weekend’s New York Comic-Con.

In this “Heroes” trailer, we get a look at a world without a Superman looks like (although we do catch a glimpse of the hero early on), which explains why Bruce Wayne decided to get DC’s greatest heroes together as a unit. Throughout this clip, we don’t get as much of a sense of the reason they have to fight, but we do get extended looks of why each hero fits. You have flyers and fighters and strategists and newbies. It’s a sound unit, and towards the end, we get to see them come together to lend helping hands.

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