For the third week in a row, Cardi B’s monster hit “Bodak Yellow” is the number one song in America. With this feat, the Bronx-bred MC now has the longest running number one solo song by a female rapper in history.

“Bodak Yellow” recently made history as the first solo song by a female rapper to hit number one on the charts in 23 years. The last song to achieve this milestone is Lauryn Hill’s “Doo-Wop (That Thing).”

While Cardi and Ms. Hill are the only female rappers to have solo number one hits, this feat is still impressive for the almost 25-year-old, who frequently details her rise to the top being a rocky one.

“I know this means everything to my family and to my friends, and to the girls I used to dance with,” she told VIBE about the success of her smash song. “Because this doesn’t happen to people like us or where I came from. I know that they are genuinely happy for me, that’s why they came up here.”