A scandal involving the famed Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, has dominated the entertainment news cycle ever since The New York Times published an investigation into three decades’ worth of harassment and assault allegations by multiple women, including Ashley Judd. In the immediate aftermath, Weinstein issued an apology, announced his plans to sue The Times for an estimated $50 million and was subsequently terminated from The Weinstein Company.

What followed was yet another bombshell exposé from Ronan Farrow and The New Yorker, in which three women claimed Weinstein raped them and dozens more recalled witness or having knowledge of his unwanted sexual advances. Weinstein “unequivocally denied” the allegations in a statement released by his rep.

The Miramax co-founder’s famous peers have spoken out against his character and condemned his actions, with A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie offering their own anecdotes of being “expected” to keep the alleged abuse a secret.

Miramax has turned out countless classics and award winners including Pulp Fiction, The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, Clerks, The Crying Game, Gangs of New York and Good Will Hunting. Their subsequent venture, the Weinstein Company, also produced the likes of Django Unchained, The King’s Speech, Silver Linings Playbook, Blue Valentine and Carol. And the mogul’s influence stretches far beyond film to television, magazine publishing, Broadway productions and even political activism.

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