Anyone remember OT Genasis? I’m in love with the coco!!!

Well recently O.T. Genasis went from 0-100 REAL QUICK after his car got dinged up at the club, and some guy handed him a knife to vent his fury.

TMZ got O.T. Wednesday night leaving Project Club LA where he found his Rolls-Royce scratched and dented. Understandably, he was HOT as fish grease at the valet for blowing his “one” and also at everyone in his crew. And just as he started to calm down, some dude handed O.T. a blade to handle his biz! It’s a crazy scene.

BTW … turns out the scratch wasn’t the valet’s fault. There was a gunshot scare an hour earlier, and fleeing patrons knocked the doorman’s stand into O.T.’s whip. Oops? TMZ was told the club covered the damage.

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