Chronixx went viral earlier this month when a video surfaced online showing the Reggae superstar singing Dancehall artist Aidonia’s smash hit single “Yeah Yeah”.

While the clip got some cool points with many Dancehall fans, the “Likes” singer angered his Reggae supporters and the Rastafarian community.

Speaking on the controversy, Chronixx’s rep says the artist is not concerned about the critics as he was just having fun with his friends.

“He is not concerned with haters and critics cuz they are just doing what they like to do,” his rep said. “Chronixx is a fan of Aidonia’s music and we are talking about one of our own. Aidonia is a great artist and the song is just a nice party song, so it’s like they are saying Rasta shouldn’t party. Why can’t a conscious reggae artist support a dancehall artist when this is our own music.”

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