The Being Mary Jane actress, Gabrielle Union, is in full swing to promote her first book We’re Going To Need More Wine, and stopped by Sway In The Morning to discuss a few things including the importance of reciprocity in the bedroom, specifically if a man eats a woman’s butt, should a woman return the favor?

“Listen, it’s all about equality and a lot of times especially women feel like I’m going to lose him if I don’t do XYZ and there’s never any thought to the woman enjoying, or having any expectation of enjoying sex,” Union said. “I’m just a vessel for somebody else’s sexual gratification, and we have to take that back. We have to demand equality everywhere.”

Union never mentioned her NBA hubby’s name, yet Twitter assumed the equality she spoke of must be a clear indicator of what goes down behind closed doors in the Wade household. The 44-year-old actress took to social media Saturday (Oct. 21) to clarify her statements and also school folks that when it comes to sex and life, with your partner it’s a give and take.

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