Janet Jackson’s devotion to her fans has always been a lovable quality of the iconic singer. So much so, Ms. Jackson gave Teyana Taylor the best FaceTime call of any FaceTimes ever made.

The magical moment between the lovely entertainers happened Sunday (Oct. 22) after Taylor shared on social media how a delayed flight caused her to miss the singer’s Milwaukee show. The singer filmed herself on Instagram Live going through the motions of missing seeing her favorite singer hit the stage.

Since the start of Janet’s State of the World tour, fans have shared videos of the singer’s dynamic comeback and smooth dance moves. It was clearly a night no one would’ve wanted to miss.

But things quickly took a turn for the happy when Janet’s team heard about the “Maybe” singer’s unfortunate situation.

On Monday (Oct. 23) Taylor shared just a portion of her call with Janet, which happened to be filled with shock and awe. She also added a touching message to Janet about her artistry.

I had to wait til today to post this because I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a dream, but waking up today and it still being there I know now it's REALLY REAL 😩 thennnnn i look up again to a post of you and I on ya page chillllleeeee it was just tewwwww much for me to take in all at once. You have been one of my biggest inspirations. Every last one of my shows incorporated a tribute to you! You are the reason why I LOVE THIS. Putting PASSION, LOVE & SOUL on stage and creating sexy music! This was more than just a delayed flight this was potentially missing an opportunity to meet one the the women that pave the way for me and countless others. Yes I cried like a baby but so what! I love you and thank you for ur beautiful words and taking out the time to call me before ya show. IM STILL SPEECHLESS & I can't wait to meet you Queen. ❤️ @janetjackson P.S. my hubby is the MVP for capturing this FaceTime footage I love you babe 😩😍😘 🎥: @theauntiesinc @destinyfulfild @imanshumpert SLIDE TO SEE THE REST OF THE CALL! 😜😘😘😝😝😝

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Janet also shared the moment and Teyana’s reaction.

@teyanataylor I meant what I said. You're so beautiful! Can't wait to meet you in person. Love and blessings – J

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At this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor took home the moon person for her choreography in Kanye West’s “Fade” video. The singer channeled Janet’s 1995 VMAs look, which happened to same year the singer took home the award for “Scream.”

Honored to receive the same award as my idol, @janetjackson!!! Anyone that follows me knows I STAN for her. I chose this look because of Janet's mindfulness of making a statement. My ups and downs have been publicized since 15 and "underrated" was the word I chose to sum up how often all the work I put in is overlooked. Nothing personal just something for me to know I'm headed in the right direction!! I named my first album "VII" because my mom always talked about it as the number of completion, and with my career, it took 7 years of working my ass off to finally get my album out and have people take me seriously as an artist, a woman. It's so easy for others to judge and criticize when they really don't understand your journey. One who hasn't experienced it, could never really understand the emotional roller coaster of an Artist that's so passionate about their work. That's why I continuously strive to go harder everyday. So I just want to give a HUGE thank you to the @vmas, as well as my supporters #TeamTeyana #NeutchNation who have been loyal to me since day 1! I Love you Guys Dearly! ❤️❤️

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