R. Kelly has already been long established as the scum beneath all of our toes, but never has that been more clear than this year. Over the summer, BuzzFeed released a report that extensively detailed years of alleged “cultlike” abuse at the hands of Kelly. Among the many young women that have accused the singer of abuse, some have said their relationship with Kelly began while they were still underaged.

But one woman, Kitti Jones, has come forward months after the explosive report initially dropped to say that Kelly not only manipulated girls, but also grown women like herself. In a recent in-depth interview with Rolling Stone, Jones—who is pictured above, being used as a prop for Kelly’s 2012 Single Ladies tour—revealed that she “dated” Kelly for two years, from 2011 to 2013. According to Jones, it didn’t take long for things to spiral out of control, with numerous alleged incidents of physical abuse, sexual coercion, emotional manipulation and “a slew of draconian rules” that controlled Jones’ entire life. If that sounds familiar, it’s because women previously under Kelly’s thumb have described nearly the same thing.

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