Are you a Twitter user who struggles to cram all your thoughts into 140 characters? Then we have some good news.

On Tuesday, Politico reported the social media platform is preparing to grant all users up to 280 characters per tweet—double the amount of the original limit. It’s unclear when this feature will officially roll out; however, Politico reports it is expected to happen very soon:

Twitter will up its character limit to 280 characters for everyone in the very near future. D.C. is beginning to buzz about it, as political operatives have caught wind of the change.

The news comes about a month after Twitter announced its plans to double the maximum character limit for select accounts. The site said it decided to test the feature to allow users to be more expressive without compromising the brevity and speed Twitter is known for.

“With this new feature, Twitter hopes you’ll feel less frustrated because you won’t have to cram or reduce your message. And perhaps you won’t even have to send out multiple tweets to convey one idea,” the site wrote last month. “In short, Twitter believes 280 characters is the sweet spot. It’s long enough for you to better express yourself, but still enough of a constraint to keep tweets brief.”

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