As thirsty Hip Hop fans wait on Eminem’s forthcoming album, presumably titled Revival, Slim Shady has announced a new line of merch. On Wednesday (November 1), Em posted a photo to Instagram depicting a “Stan” hat and someone who’s holding a bottle of hydrogen peroxide wearing yellow latex gloves above a dirty sink.

The caption reads, “‘Stan [n]: An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity’ – Oxford Dictionary. Link In Bio to sign up for first details on our new collection.”

Upon further investigation, it turns out the link leads to Em’s website and a chance to sign up for early access to the limited edition embroidered “Stan” merch, a nod to his massive 2000 hit, “Stan.”

Taken from The Marshall Mathers LP, the song revolves around a tormented fan who loses everything because of his unhealthy obsession.

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