With the wave of sexual assault and misconduct allegations plaguing Hollywood recently, you’d think that maybe a joke here and there would lighten the mood, right? In Chris Rock’s case, the latter thought process didn’t bode well for him during a recent standup routine.

Rock performed at New York City’s Comedy Cellar last week (Nov. 2), and raised a lot of eyebrows for his comments about women speaking out about sexual assault.

“[Women] cry rape because they want money,” he reportedly said. According to audience members at the show, many people booed the comedian, and two people were removed from the audience. Several women called him a “sexist pig.” Page Six said the audience was silent when he left the stage.

Comedian Jeff Ross was on deck at the venue, and tried to get him to speak about something different. However, Rock reportedly kept going back to the topic of sexual assault, including comments about Harvey Weinstein.

“I’ve seen him before and he was hysterical, but this wasn’t funny at all,” said an audience member.

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