One method she tried was manually searching on Google with a description of the item she liked. But she said that process was cumbersome.

A new app she’s co-created aims to make shopping looks from your Instagram feed much easier.
The app — called ScreenShop — launched on Tuesday and lets users purchase clothing and accessories they see on social media, online and on the street by taking a photo or screenshot on their phone.

Here’s how it works. Users upload a photo of an outfit they like to the app. Then, ScreenShop identifies the items in the picture using computer vision and suggests similar clothing options at various price points from different brands. Users can click on an item to buy it from the retailer’s website without leaving the app.

“What we built is the Shazam for fashion,” said fellow co-creator Jonathan Caras, referring to the popular app that tells you the name of a song that’s playing.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West is an adviser for ScreenShop and has been with the company since its early stages. She will continue to be involved and will share information about the app on her social media channels, according to the company.