Tyrese Gibson seems to be the new poster child for “do better.” The Fast & Furious actor has utilized social media, namely Instagram, for the past few weeks in an oversharing manner.

Gibson has taken to the app to let off steam via captions, photos and tear-filled videos regarding his financial situation and the lack of visitation between him and his daughter Shayla. However, new reports claim that the R&B musician skipped out on the opportunity for two recent court-monitored visits to see his 10-year-old. Currently, he is in Abu Dhabi to “take a break from America and the blogs.”

Time to hit the gym…… When you Live and speak your truth you have to be willing to #AgapeLove on your haters and enemies – no one wanted to hire me, no one wanted to close deals with me false accusations have been following me for 10 years I’m not done yet but I’m almost at the finish line and the goal is my baby……. I’m headed to Abu Dhabi for the formula 1 races and to see my non judgmental family and to take a much needed break from America and the blogs – My wife gave me a complement this morning she said you need to keep that fire extinguisher with you cause more fires 🔥 and accusations are potentially on the way …. ! told her no – Gods already protected me and if the devil shows up again ! will actually be so much more ready than what ! was at first……. Monday ! hope to get my baby back….. The first thing ! will do is apologize cause ! know me and her mother has created a lot of unwanted attention 10 years for Mommy only 3 months for daddy gets the hugs…. to my can’t wait!! FaceBook.com/TYRESE go there now please go there right now!! ( link in my Instagram bio ).. up those meetings bro…… #VoltronChairman #VoltronStudiosHollywood #VoltronTravel.com Romans. 8:31. What then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? The good word says VICTORY IS MINE!!

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“We were disappointed to learn that Mr. Gibson won’t be exercising some of the visits with his daughter that we offered him for the next week,” says Gibson’s ex-wife’s attorney Aleen Khanjian. “Wherever he is, we hope he’s getting the help he needs to be the father Shayla truly deserves.”

50 Cent caught wind of Tyrese’s opt-out, and took to his Instagram page to call him out.

“Damn boy, get off your phone shut your IG page down,” he wrote in reference to the latest news about Gibson. “Oh and um sell me that watch you got on in this picture. I’ll give you half price,” he cheekily continued.

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