Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry and his mogul wife, Ayesha, have partnered with PM Studios to develop their first mobile game, “Chef Curry.”

In the game, fans attempt to beat the clock by playing as Steph, who is frantically trying to fulfill orders for picky at his restaurant. Ayesha oversees the kitchen and tries to make sure orders are right. Players can unlock new abilities by feeding fans as quickly as possible.

“We have seen the mobile gaming space as a landscape for limitless potential and it is an area which Ayesha and I have been interested in for some time,” said Steph about the game. “When the team at PM Studios presented the idea for “Chef Curry” it immediately felt like the perfect fit. The game incorporates multiple facets of my life including interests on and off the court.” Curry said.

“When we were conceptualizing the game, I wanted to make sure it reflected the challenges, intensity and gratification that goes along with managing a kitchen, whether at your home on Thanksgiving serving friends and family or in a high-paced restaurant serving customers,” said Ayesha, who wrote a cookbook and hosts Ayesha’s Home Kitchen on the Food Network.

“Chef Curry” is available everywhere, and can be downloaded via iOS via App Store and Android via Google Play Store.