It seems like everyone and their mama has been obsessed with Rihanna’s ground-breaking Fenty Beauty cosmetics line. Fenty Beauty, which features eyeshadows, lip glosses, blotting powder and sheets, as well as 40 foundation shades for any and every woman, has even seen high-profile celebrity co-signs since its September launch.

Viola Davis, the newest beauty brand ambassador for Vaseline, spoke to Refinery29 about her love of the bad gal’s revolutionary cosmetics line. “The thing about Fenty, which I own, is that I can get a base makeup that is exactly my skin tone,” the multi-hyphenate explained. Much like many other women of color, Davis detailed that before Fenty Beauty, she would mix several different foundations to get her perfect match. Thanks to Rih’s “Beauty Innovator Award”-nominated foundation, that’s a thing of the past. “It makes you think then, Ok no one is thinking of me. It’s something that I struggled with a lot,” she continued. “I don’t feel like I have to get something five shades lighter, or mix two shades together in order to get my shade, and it feels like my natural skin. It’s full coverage, and I’m honored by the fact that I’m recognized in this beauty line. I thank Rihanna for that.”

Another satisfied customer.