Love & Hip Hop: New York’s star Lil Mo and her husband, Karl Dragan will appear on on Couples Court With The Cutlers to reportedly “get to the bottom” of the cheating scandal that the twosome has been embroiled in.

“I’ll just ask him, straight up, ‘what’s going on?’” says Lil Mo of her husband’s allegations of cheating, which have played out on the reality show.

“It got to the point where somebody said they [were] pregnant by him…well where’s this baby at?” she continued.

The two-part episode of the court show will air Nov. 20 and 21. Guests include writer from Bossip, who says that drama between Lil Mo and Dragan results in huge hits for their site. At one point in the trailer, Dragan is hooked up to a polygraph examiner, or lie-detector.

“Basically, I was a thot,” Dragan explained to the judges, Keith and Dana Cutler. “I had no intentions on getting married…I told her, ‘listen I was out here’…but I slipped up and got caught up.”