Rihanna’s uncle is being accused of selling knock-off Puma items from Rihanna’s line with the fashion company.

According to Barbados’ Nation News, 53-year-old Leroy Fitzgerald Brathwaite was arrested for overseeing the fake items’ purchases on a Bajan street named Swan Street. Earlier this year when Rihanna visited her home country, she noticed these items being sold. That’s when she alerted her Puma representative, who soon flew to the island to investigate. The representative then filed a police report when they saw the fake items in person.

“But Brathwaite’s defense attorney is contending that the charges were improperly laid and should be dismissed,” Nation News reports. “Brathwaite, 53, of 1st Avenue, Goddings Road, Station Hill, St Michael, appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty to the charge that in trade or in commerce as a supplier…”

To make this case even worse, on May 29, 2017, Riri’s uncle was also charged with “a view to gain for himself or another, or with intent to cause loss to another and without the consent of the registered owner of a trademark Puma.” The uncle’s case has been adjourned to Tuesday (Nov. 28). He’s since been released on $1,000 bail.

This is going to make for an awkward family reunion…