Tupac’s legacy is one of influential music, quotes and images that presented his revolutionary mindset. But in recent years, everything from letters to shirts belonging to the late rapper have been placed on the auction block, bringing an eerie vibe to his name.

This brings us to the recent announcement of a photo of Tupac’s penis being sold for $15,000. The photo was taken in 1990 while the rapper was hanging with friends in Marin, California. Presented with negatives and a copyright, the backstory shares how he pulled out his penis while they were trying to take a group photo.

“On this particular night, when a friend was about to take group shot, he did it again!,” the description reads. “She told him that she was going to zoom in if he didn’t pull his pants up fast, but he just smiled at her and didn’t budge. And so, she took the picture!”

TMZ’s cameras caught up with Faith Evans, who called out the media’s obsessive nature with Pac and the late Biggie Smalls. “When I saw them auction off the car door Biggie was killed in, [it reminds me] people will do anything these days,” she said. While she is the widow of the Brooklyn rapper, she explained that people who own certain items belonging to the rappers, hold more authority over the items.

“It seems like with everyone wanting to be apart of [pop culture] it’s [bringing us down],” she said. “We need to pray. The car thing was the worst. It was terrible.”

The singer says regulations should be in order when it comes to the selling of a person’s belongings.

“I don’t know these things are required, but it’s an estate issue,” she said. “But the whole thing is just really in bad taste.”

If you care to spend $15,000 on the photos, the auction ends early next week.