A championship boxer is accusing Jay-Z and Roc Nation of abandoned him s he seeks to treat a serious medical condition.

Back in June, James Franco was knocked out in the 8th round, by Jose Haro, which he says resulted in a traumatic brain injury.

The boxer had bleeding on the brain and was in a coma for almost two weeks after the devastating blow by Haro.

According to Daniel Franco, he reached out to Roc nation’s reps multiple times for help, which never materialized.

“They haven’t been great people,” Daniel Franco said. “They left me out there to dry.”

The 25-year-old boxer claims he is over $200,000 in debt since his injury and has had to launch a GoFundMe page to cover his medical expenses.

In October, Franco blasted Roc Nation on his Instagram page, while his father and trainer Al Franco, begged the company for help during an interview with SB Nation.

(source – allhiphop.com)