It’s not the first time he has upset his fans.
Chris Brown bought his daughter a pet monkey — and some of his followers are going ape about it.
The 28-year-old shared a video on Wednesday with his 41million Instagram followers, showing three-year-old Royalty cradling the baby marmoset

‘Is this your baby?’ the singer asks her. ‘She’s going to be bigger than you, right. Y’all got the same size head.’
In the clip the youngster sits with the tiny mammal on her lap, wearing a nappy and wrapped in a blanket.

While many fans thought the video cute, just as many were furious at the hip-hop star for glamorizing owning an exotic pet
‘Shameful. Wild animals are not your pets,’ one commenter wrote. ‘Let that baby be in the wild where it belongs. You ripped that baby from his mother for your own pleasure and entertainment. Buy her a stuffed animal instead.

A second wrote: ‘Everyone please report this video so we can get it taken down and actually educate the mindless zombies out there that wild animal should be left in the wild.’
A third added: ‘Nooo, monkeys are not pets this little one needs to be in the wild not in a nappy, it’s not a doll.’
A fourth described the clip as ‘Disgusting.’
‘This is animal abuse. Wild animals belong in the WILD. These poor animals are ripped away from their mother for temporary human pleasure. Please educate yourself and be a part of the solution, not the problem. #protectwildlife #animalabuse.
While owning a marmoset is not illegal, animal experts strongly advise against it, as they require very specific care and habitat