A Rolls-Royce advertising campaign featuring British grime artist Skepta has been pulled, following a backlash in the United Kingdom.

The commercial features the rapper winding through the Swiss Alps in a pricey Phantom.

The problem is, Skepta is highlighted throughout the commercial without his seatbelt on.

According to the Mirror, safety experts in the U.K. were outraged at the video, because it is in clear violation of the country’s safety laws.

Even though Skepta is sitting in the back seat, the country’s Highway Code states that all passengers must be buckled up.

“Perhaps Skepta, the great grime artist, should listen to his own song ‘It Ain’t Safe’ before rapping in the back of a Rolls-Royce, apparently not wearing a seatbelt,” snapped Edmund King, president of the Automobile Association in the U.K.