50 Cent’s clap back game reached a completely new level after one of his Instagram followers attempted to blast the rapper online. One woman accused the Power actor of being sexist after 50 posted a series of racy photos on his Instagram account. And to say the least, 50 was not too thrilled by her allegations.

In one of the photos 50 Cent posted, a woman was captured wearing a bikini with a thought bubble that said: “Thank you very much for the apartment, the jewelry, the money. What could I do without you?” In the caption, 50 also left some advice for women who weren’t appreciative of what they have. “Take time out to reflect and appreciate the good things in life. You would not be here with out one,” he wrote.

Shortly after his post attracted a lot of attention – both good and bad – a woman commented, suggesting his comments were insensitive. “You really need to be checked,” the woman comments. “Whoever does your PR needs to backhand you with a wet dish rag to be up her posting some sexist bulls**t.”

Not amused by her remarks, 50 responded in the only way he knew how. “Shut up, b***h. I’m different.”

Okay, so this isn’t the most appropriate way to respond to a woman, or to diffuse the idea that you’re not sexist. But clearly if you have to know that if you go against 50 Cent, he will bring the heat no matter the gender.

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