In a quest to “make the world a better place,” Cardi B recently took to the ‘Gram to offer relationship advice for those in need.

The breakout star, who is engaged to Migos member Offset, specifically spoke about dealing with your significant other’s envious ex.

“If the bitch that used to fuck your nigga be doing shit on they social, trying to be petty, don’t be arguing to your man about that,” Cardi B said. “Because that’s they goal. The bitch want you guys to argue about her. The bitch want that you bring her up, so he can start thinking about her. Bitch, you are going to remain a non-muthafuckin’ factor in my relationship. I’m not gonna argue about you.”


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After offering up her candid relationship advice, Cardi shared a gem of a lesson in karma. In the clip, she recalled a time in her early 20s when her ex’s girlfriend accused her of stealing.

“She always used to talk shit about me,” she explained. “This bitch went to my job … I’m being nice and everything. And then the next day, the nigga that I used to date gonna call me like, ‘Yo, I know you stole this girl’s purse. She said that somebody stole her purse in the club.’ And on gangsta, On my mother’s life … I didn’t steal shit from her. Whole point is, my sister saw the bitch yesterday in Saks. And the bitch was stealing.”

Cardi continued her hilarious message to haters. in a separate Instagram video.

Watch it below.


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