Halle Berry says she’s “Done with love.”

This revelation didn’t come in an interview, but rather, via an Instagram story she shared with her more than two million followers.

The Instagram story was posted on Wednesday and initially featured a rope constructed in the form of a heart. In the next quick frame, there is a drawn heart over the rope and then the caption “Done with love” with three bicep curl emojis.

This post follows reports that Berry split from her most recent boyfriend, British producer Alex Da Kid. The pair went public back in September to the surprise of everyone, but she reportedly called it quits with him while they were vacationing together in Bora-Bora. She reportedly felt the 35-year-old’s communication skills weren’t going to work for her 50-year-old self. Earlier this week, Us Weekly confirmed that the couple did indeed break up.

But Berry does have a habit of saying she won’t do certain things when it comes to love again, only to turn around and do it. After her second divorce from Eric Benet, for years Berry said she was done with marriage.

“I will never, never get married again,” she told InStyle in 2007. “Actually it’s just that now I’ve come to a place where I think two people can share their lives without the ring, without the piece of paper.”

She went on to marry Olivier Martinez in 2013 and have son Maceo. They split in 2016. So while she might be done for right now, you never know what the future holds…

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