A woman who testified in a court case involving Waka Flocka Flame’s mother Debra Antney, is being sentenced to six months in jail for lying in court. Initially, the case was about a lawsuit filed against Antney which stemmed from a shoot-out the rapper was involved in.

During the trial in 2016, Tonya Leshun Hall, 43, stated in court that she obtained a degree in accounting from Emory University. Subsequently, she testified that after reviewing Antney’s financial records, she had no money to pay the plaintiff, according to The Charlotte Observer. Reportedly, Antney owned a business with her son, and was sued by a man that was shot by one of Waka’s security guards back in February 2011.

According to the Flockaveli rapper, two cars pulled up at the scene, and those inside attempted a robbery. Immediately after, shots were fired. However, the charges against the suspects were dropped by the district attorney’s office because they couldn’t find any evidence that supported Waka’s claims.

On Monday (Dec. 11), Hall admitted in court that she never graduated from Emory, and that she wasn’t a certified accountant. In December 2012, Mizay Entertainment, the company that managed the rapper, lost $500,000 in a lawsuit by one of the men who was shot in the incident. The victim goes by Stukes, and alleged he was just trying to give the rapper a demo mixtape when Waka’s security guard shot him in the shoulder.