Legendary musician Chaka Khan is the epitome of timeless beauty. The 64-year-old spoke with Vogue about her personal makeup tips, divulging that throughout her decades-long career, she’s been her most trusted makeup artist.

“Mostly I taught myself,” she explained to the magazine about her skills with a brush and blush. “I have put my makeup on in the back of limousines, on the way to gigs.”

The Queen Of Funk also showed off her skills in a two-minute video, in which she shows both her daytime and performance-ready makeup routines.

Her look involves jet-black waterproof eyeliner, an eyebrow thickening pencil and hot pink lipstick, which is “more useful” than a traditional red. She also makes sure to accentuate certain parts of her face and décolletage with blush, contouring and highlighter. She makes sure to leave false lashes at home, which she “absolutely despises.”

Chaka offers advice to the camera before her tutorial ends- “always look your best.”

Watch the timeless beauty achieve a flawless beat below.