In true Floyd Mayweather fashion, Floyd puts the money on the wood by challenging NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, to $1 million game of one-on-one

The bet was issued in the comment of Kobe’s latest his Instagram post. Under the picture of Kobe thanking director, Glen Keanaprd, for directing his upcoming animated documentary “Dear Basketball,” Money Mayweather writes “I’m ready to play you one on one for $1,000,000.”

Yet as hilariously interesting as this match up sounds, it should be assumed that Floyd is joking. Despite having dealt with disadvantages as a boxer, the 5-foot-8 fighter stands no chance against a 6-foot-6 former-17 time NBA All-Star, Kobe Bryant. On his route to becoming the NBA’s third highest scorer, Kobe has habitually shown no mercy during any game of 1-on-1 even going as far as demolishing his former teammate, J.R. Rider, in a game to 10 for trash talking him.

Since gloating is something, Floyd is known for, if this match-up does come to fruition, fans should expect it to be more one-sided than predicted.