After officially joining Nike in August, Kendrick Lamar is ready to launch his first official sneaker collaboration with the brand.

Tonight, Nike announced at the rapper’s Cortez will release on Sunday, Jan. 28, which happens to be Grammy night. The shoes will be available through SNKRS at the show starts at 7:30 p.m. EST for an affordable $100.

A red-based Cortez rumored to be a Lamar project surfaced in Oct., but we were informed by Nike that the shoe didn’t reflect the final retail product. He laced up a custom “Don’t Trip” pair for Kobe Bryant’s jersey retirement ceremony last week, but the shoe being teased appears to be a different make-up.

After a lukewarm partnership with Reebok Classics, the Cortez aficionado is beginning a more organic partnership with the brand he’s been praising all along. More details on Cortez Kenny’s project in the coming weeks.