Another day, another possibly tall tale from Mr. Shad Moss, affectionately known as Bow Wow.

This time around, the actor and rapper spoke with Hollywood Unlocked about his alleged relationship with Kim Kardashian back in 2007. He said that they “kicked it” before her relationships with Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and Kanye West. Kardashian would have been 27 in 2007, while Bow Wow would have been 20.

“With Kim…I never told this story…I used to always see Kim and Paris [Hilton],” he explains. “[Kim] is super dope…how I got her information, I don’t know…we was cool, we remained friends, and this was right before Reggie Bush. The reason nobody knew is because of how I move. I can get low, and nobody will know sh*t.”

Moss also said that he kept their relationship under wraps because he never dated outside of his race, and he was unsure of how his fans would have taken their relationship.

“I’m just so nervous because I never really dated outside my race before, this is different for a ni**a,” he continues. “I don’t know how my fans going to look at it… so I kept that sh*t low and nobody really knew. For the people that do know, it’s like ‘damn.’

When prompted with a question about if they were ever intimate, Moss says that he “ain’t sayin’ nothin,’ because he respects Kanye West.

This wouldn’t be the first time Moss has mentioned his possible relationship with Mrs. Kardashian West. On The Breakfast Club years ago, he discussed the list women he’s been rumored to have slept with, and Kardashian was on the list.

“I wanna know where you heard that one from,” he said in the interview.